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Mage Characters that are apostate, half-elf characters. (Commonly Used)

If a Mage, are you an apostate?

If you are; we will only be accepting a very, very small amount of apostate applications. Considering both Ferelden and Kirkwall have Free Circles, there should not be a horrible demand to be an apostate to be free of the tyranny of Templar and Chantry rule. There was an entire war in the name of equality and freedom to stop the Chantry from interfering with Templar affairs and help the mages come out from their former oppression.  

We are suggesting to everyone applying for a Mage spot; if you did not play the games, you will be at a heavy disadvantage in knowledge and the lore surrounding magic and magi, so it would be wise to choose a different class, but it is not required that you do so.

Half-Elf Characters

Half-Elf characters; once again, we’re seeing a lot of those pop up and we would suggest just making it a full elf or full human depending on which species the character resembles more. We only suggest this if you have other issues in your applications. If you are set on having a half-elf, go for it.

Keep in mind that half-elves are more genetically inclined to look like Humans; minus their eyes and their ears. Views on marriages out of the same race can be explored in this Dragon Age article on sexuality and marriage:…

If you’re a half-elf and an apostate- you might be in trouble.


Apostates that stay in one place for too long: (We see this in almost every application, a long time is anytime over three months.)

Templars will find you, heedless of wealth or title. Templars are wise to Noble families and that they would rather have their wealth and status vs their children and aren’t afraid to sully houses and names. Noble Houses with a history of producing mages are especially prone to scrutiny. Hiding a mage child can be devastating for a Noble family. Families can be stripped of their wealth/titles and rank, most of the time the family is ashamed of having a mage child because it can ruin your standing in a society. (See Amell for reference on the Dragon Age Wikia)  

If you do not move around to avoid Templar notice while using magic, chances are you will eventually be found out, whether it be a few days or a few months. They will eventually find you, and you will eventually have to run. We will only be allowing apostates that have a well thought out biography.

Mage NPCs

Mage NPCs have to follow the same guidelines as Mage characters. If you have a Mage NPC in your biography and you have an apostate that does any of the above, you're probably going to get declined. Concentrate on the Mage you have before you talk about an apostate living in one place with their child for years and years without being found out or caught.

Qunari and Dalish Characters
Just make sure your lore is tight! There's lots of information online for you to access!



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